Michigan Arts & Culture Council

Funds from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council are assisting South Haven Public Schools in facilitating a life-long love of music for our elementary students! Prior to the awarding of the grant, elementary music students at Maple Grove and Lincoln Elementary partnered in small groups to take turns playing a limited number of xylophones in the classroom. With the addition of more xylophones, more students have the opportunity to practice which means better skills and technique.They are able to gain hands-on experience which is sure to result in leaving the classroom with a sense of accomplishment.

Not only are students gaining more time with the instruments but are also discovering a new outlet to show their creativity. Oftentimes, students perform their own compositions for their teacher. Another essential element of the music standards is composition and improvisation. There are many times students are able to improv within a set of perimeters using the new xylophones.

“An investment in a child’s creativity is so important to their development and success in other areas. It is a much needed creative outlet to so many South Haven Public School students,” said Ms. Smith, elementary music teacher. “Every student in our kindergarten-3rd grade has music and is able to have experiences with the new instruments. This is a starting point for their love of music and they will prosper from these experiences down the road in band, choir, and orchestra.”

Thank you to the Michigan Arts and Culture Council for investing in our students and our district.