SHPS Educational Hero - Saúl​ Romero

2022 Van Buren County Educational Hero Award
Saúl Romero
Bilingual Success Coach and Parent Liaison

In the two and a half years that Saúl Romero has been with South Haven Public
Schools, he has made a significant impact on students and staff alike. On an average
day, Saúl works directly with students at the middle and high school, pushing into
classrooms and assisting our English Learners. He takes it upon himself to utilize his
peers and outside resources to master content so he can properly guide students
through complex math equations. Additionally, he identifies EL students with missing
assignments and gets them back on track.

His dedication doesn’t stop there but extends beyond the school day. Saúl is the
organizer of the English Learners Parent Advisory Committee with the intention of
involving our non-English speaking families in the educational process. Most recently,
he recruited two new parents to serve on the committee and is currently collaborating to
host an end of the year celebration for students and their families.

In the summer, Saúl serves as a parent liaison for the migrant program and helps
families submit documentation and complete online enrollment. He gets to know the
families and their needs and connects them with resources to meet those needs such
as WeCare. He’s a familiar face and goes above and beyond to solve challenges as
they come his way.

On top of his traditional responsibilities, Saúl is a dependable translator for the district.
Whether it is speaking with a family over the phone, translating district/school
communications, or attending an event (sometimes with little notice) to ensure our entire
school community is being informed and provided with feedback opportunities. He also
uses his talents for photography to highlight the district.

The value Saúl brings to South Haven Public Schools is undeniable and makes him
deserving of the title “Educational Hero.”