Literacy Work Stations


Nice.pngStation #1:
Reading Strategy Groups- Student's meet at the back table with Mrs. Wright to practice reading strategies that will help them to become masters at second grade reading levels.

Notepad.pngStation #2: Writing Station- Student's are practicing writing paragraphs and friendly letters. They also get to free write in their writer's notebook to help develop creative writing skills.

Spelling Button.pngStation #3: Word Wall Word Station- Student's practice spelling their word wall words. They quiz each other to help prepare for the spelling quiz on Thursday's.

Library Book Cart.pngStation #4: The Book Nook- Student's get comfy on pillows and read grade level appropriate books. They also practice fluency skills by reading to a partner.

Colored Pie Chart.pngStation# 4: Puzzles - Student's get to relax their brains and do something fun while still learning. Puzzles may include word search, cross word, sodoku, or floor puzzles.

Blocks P.pngStation #5: Phonics Poem Chart- Student's practice reading poetry fluently and discussing the meaning of the weekly poem. They also practice reading second and third grade sight words.